Jun 9, 2009

160- Full Moon

The chances of me getting a photo of the day much earlier in the day than this one are pretty slim! It was taken at 12:13 am!


I just love the moon and her beautiful, silvery light. I love the way that silvery light filters in through the blinds into my bedroom.

I noticed that the moon was going to rise over our mountains as I was cleaning up the kitchen. Ahh, says I, I have a good reason to try out my new $25 tripod (Yes, I know, Scott Kelby would have a fit... ) I had plenty of time to get it out of the box and set up before the moon would make her appearance. I wish you could have been a little fly watching me in my jacket,slippers and glasses (well, I had on other clothes too!) trying to set up just the right shot. The clouds were floating past the moon and gave the shot even more character.

I was also surprised at how black and white this photo turned out. This is not a converted b&w... just the way it is at midnight!


Rosehaven Cottage said...

This is awesome!!!!! Night shots with tripods always fascinate me at how they turn out. It's amazing what the camera sees as opposed to what our eye sees.


debra said...

Ooooh- now that is a cool shot! I love the scarafices you make for us to see your beautiful pictures! I, on the other hand need my sleep @ 12:13am!

Heather said...

Hi Joanie,

I always leave feeling "full" when I stop by your blog... like you, my life has been the school of hard knocks, yet here we are, continuing to chug along. God is so very good. Think about even the mere fact that you and I are able to produce photographs like these... never in a million would I have imagined being able to. And you, my dear Joanie, YOU are extremely gifted. Glad you and I can share in each other's joys. I'm happy whenever I see you've stopped by my neck of the woods.

Big hugs to you!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That is beautiful! Simply lovely auntie. Makes me feel the way I do when I look at the moon hanging up there all white and glimmery.