Jun 13, 2009

164- Old and Gnarled...

... but still very beautiful.

The minute I saw this shot in my mental view-finder I knew that there was a story to be told. I just love the *compare and contrast*.


I can't help thinking how wonderful *old* friends are. All of my life I've had *old* friends and I love the depth they've added to my life. They have so much wisdom, character, love and humor to offer. (I was talking about this subject the other day with DeLoris and asked her what is going to happen when I am the old one? Will I have young friends? I sure hope so!)


DeLoris has had more than her share of health problems in the last year. First she broke her hip and had to have surgery. Then the bones failed (osteoporosis) and she had to have hip-replacement surgery. She's had her share of discouragement and has received several priesthood blessings. She was told that her time here isn't finished... she is here for her children. (And I will add, for her friends.)


I know that this burl wood is caused by adversity (fungus, insects, etc) but it is highly prized by wood workers for its beauty. Not everyone who looks at this *canker* will think it beautiful... but those who have *eyes to see* behold its beauty.

That brings me back to my DeLoris. Last Sunday after Sacrament meeting was over one of the young men in our ward told DeLoris she was beautiful. He could see her beauty, the beauty that comes from within and radiates into her countenance. DeLoris said she was dumbfounded, no one had ever told her she was beautiful in her whole life. But just to make sure that DeLoris got the message that her Heavenly Father was sending to her she was told so again by a sister as she was leaving the chapel.


I am so appreciative of this bonding of families and friends, youth and age. Just as the new plants sprout and grow in the hollowed out log; we feed and nourish those around us... what a beautiful plan.


leannewitney said...

So, I think that the church should hire you to write for the Ensign... Seriously! Not everyone has the gift like you do to be able to put a doctrinal/gospel spin on something as simple as a hollowed out old log. You are amazing! I love the lessons I learn by reading your blog... love ya!

Anonymous said...

You always have such amazing shots. Where is this place? I love the blog. Keep it up


Joanie said...

These photos are taken at Cascade Springs. It is up between Provo and Heber Valley. It is just so beautiful there. Next time you come to Utah you need to go see it.