Jun 16, 2009

167- Road Trip!

Stuart called me and asked, "Where are you?"

I told him, "Evanston, WY!"

His response was, "Why??"



Recently we've started taking one-day road trips just to see what there is to see. That is one of the beauties of being retired. A couple of weeks ago we went over to Price (I'd never been there). Gordon warned me that there was nothing there. Oh, contraire... there is a gas station that serves absolutely awful gut-bomb hamburgers! The drive was beautiful, but Gordon was right... there is nothing in Price.

Today's destination was Logan... just because. But today we found the Gossner Cheese Factory (famous Cache Valley Cheese) and had a nice picnic under huge trees in their parking lot of ice cream, cheese, bread and butter (In that order!). Cache Valley is absolutely gorgeous... green, pastoral.

Logan Temple

From there we decided to travel up the road a bit to Bear Lake. What a beautiful day for a drive in the mountains. I love the blue sky with enormous cumulus clouds. The wildflowers were in bloom and the first view of the lake... breath-taking.

Bear Lake
Bear Lake

Once at Bear Lake we had to make a choice... which way around the rhombus to get back home? We opted for the circuitous route via Evanston, WY and sneaking home the *back way* through Heber City.

Harley joined us for this jaunt. He used to crawl in backseat and hang out there, but today he turned the console into his little resting place... funny little dog.


What a lovely day for Mom, Dad and Harley to make a road trip!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day. It is great being retired and deciding what to do on a daily and even spontaneously. Glad you're there and loving it. We're almost there. Great pictures to, as usual. p

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Yeah, I've been to Price. There is nothing there! But Logan is charming and Bear Lake is amazing. Can you believe the color? I love it...so crystally clear and crisp.
And my goodness, you doggie looks like one of those uber-plushy stuffed animals. I just wanna play with his earsies!

Dean and Sheri said...

Joanie, Joanie, Joanie!!! You passed right by? You didn't even call? I'm so, so sad. But your Logan temple photo is lovely and for that...I think I can let you off THIS TIME!

Skinner Family said...

You were so close to us, you should have just made your way a little farther north :) We only live about 1 hour from Bear Lake. We take the kids there quite a bit in the summer. It is beautiful!