Jun 22, 2009

173- On The Wire

I know that everyone goes through their problems and adversity... but sometimes I just get weary. It makes me recall the words of Elder Quentin Cook's general conference talk that was made into a video.

"This life is not always easy, nor was it meant to be; it is a time of testing and proving."

Yesterday I learned the lesson once again that the Lord loves me and will not leave me hanging on the wire comfortless.

173- on the wire

I was walking and thinking; feeling overwhelmed and sad when the words of a Primary song came to my mind.

Faith is knowing the sun will shine lighting each new day.
Faith is knowing the Lord will hear my prayers each time I pray.
Faith is like a little seed: if planted it will grow.
Faith is a swelling within my heart.
When I do right I know.
Words: Beatrice Goff Jackson
Music: Michael Finlinson Moody

When I got to the second line I was filled with the Spirit testifying to me that the Lord knows my problems and He is there. It isn't easy, but I don't have to do it alone.

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Correct. And it gets much harder before it gets better. But thankfully it does get better. I am just thankful for summer fun! I feel like I put in all the effort in the year...and I just love being ME and rediscovering me every year! It is lovely.

Anke said...

beautiful Joanie, both the picture(which is stunning) and the quote, which is so true (although it's not always easy to feel)