Jun 23, 2009

174- Essence of Summer

I back in grade school towards the end of the year I would get an assignment something like this: What Summer Means To Me or What I Will Do This Summer.

When I look at this photo is reminds me of those long ago summer days when I was a child. I can smell the freshly mown lawn. I can hear the crickets. I can taste the freshly picked, sun-warmed, red raspberries. I can feel the cool breeze caressing my face as I sit in my tree fort hidden from the world. I can see my Mom on the back porch, sitting in one of the old cricket chairs, reading a book.

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I remember how carefree I felt. All I had to think about were those long summer days of swimming, having sleep-overs with my friends, playing at the creek, riding Blue, exploring the pasture behind our house in grass so tall that I could hide in it. I relished in the feel of the cold, dew-damp grass on my bare feet while I played "car-light-poison" after dark. I waited with anxious anticipation for my sisters to come home from college for a visit.

Yes, those were happy days. Those were simple days...


Mom and Dad said...

The girlies are here this week. I woke up this morning hearing the birds in the yard, and wondered if they heard birds at home. I went outside and read the Book of Mormon and soaked up some sunshine on my old shinbones. Yes, Joanie, we were so blessed as children to live in a quiet peaceful place where we could just BE.
Grannie Camp makes me notice common smells and sounds and feelings.
You said some time ago that perfumes have their own memories attached. How true!
Love your thoughts. Love YOU!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Yeah, now I wanna play on that swing! I love outdoor porchy swings.