Jun 24, 2009

175- The Gutter Goddess

Funny title... I earned it years ago!

When we lived in Palmdale it was only a hop, skip and a jump down to P's house. P has been my best friend for years and in the last 6-7 that we lived there I helped her take care of her folks. Hey, I even put in a "P-path" so I could walk out the front door, make an immediate left down the path to the sidewalk to get there faster. The problem was that the short section of neighborhood I walked was a low spot and collected all the leaves, grass, trash and ick in the gutter. I had to walk past that smell frequently!

So one day, armed with my rake, I headed down the street and raked all of the muck out of the gutter so it would dry. Then a couple of hours later I followed behind with my broom and shovel and put all of it into my wheelie-bin.

FONTS- Problem Secretary, CK Cursive, BRUSH- KPertiet_LedgerFrames, (A2D)Lomo_V2

Uncle Steve (Auntie P's husband) is the one who christened my the gutter goddess when he caught me at work one day. (Hey, I've been called worse things!)

Today while I was playing the gutter goddess of Springville (can you tell me why I keep moving to corner houses with low spots?) I remembered those days in the desert and how I got my title.

(The good news... all of the dirt and grass in my gutter here is dry.)

Another Random Thought-

I think that hard work is good for the soul!

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Anke said...

so funny! Who would have ever thought that a broom could look so fabulous! Love this