Jun 30, 2009

181- Jake- My Daddy

Today my Daddy would be 112 years old if he was still alive. No, that's not a typo... he was 55 when I was born!

Here he is as a baby with his SISTER, Frank. (Her given name was Francis Amy, but she always went by Frank). He was born in Texas the second child and first son of Fleming and Sara Caraway.

181- Jake 1897

We only have these two photos of Daddy as a child, but I have a whole catalog of mental photos formed by listening to Daddy tell stories about when he grew up in Texas and later moving to Washington State. I can see all of it in my mind just like an ol'-timee-movie. Don't they look like a happy family?

181- Jake 1902

My folks met in about 1940 at Sweet's Ballroom in Oakland, CA. They courted for about a year and were married in April 1941. I love this photo of Daddy. It is one of the very few times I've ever seen him in a short sleeved shirt. He always wore long sleeved shirts, even in the summer, to protect his sensitive skin.

181- Jake circa 1940

This photo has been featured on my blog before, but it is one of my favorites. Mom used to tell me how Daddy would hold me with my sore-colicy tummy in the palm of one hand. I used to think, "How could that be?" But when I see how big his hands were I see how easy it would have been.

181- Jake & Joanie 1952

Sadly, my parents didn't live together most of my growing up. But I never doubted my Daddy's love for me.

Besides being a good story-teller Daddy would read to me, but had a habit of falling asleep during the story. Instead of just stopping, he'd keep talking but say crazy things. I'd thump him on the chest with my head and he'd wake up again and keep reading from where he'd left off.

I remember the last time I saw Daddy. I was 17, just graduated from high school, married and moving across the United States to Virginia. I could see the sadness in his eyes; here was his baby all grown up and leaving home. I was stunned when he died suddenly a month later.

181- Jake 1970

This is the last photo taken of Daddy on his 73rd birthday; 39 years ago today. Sadly I wasn't there! I was off living the "big-pig" life and not looking back.

Once again I will express my gratitude for my knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the saving ordinances that allow families to be sealed together for eternity. I'm grateful that I have continued to feel his presence in my life and I still have no doubt that my Daddy loves his little Joanie.

Happy Birthday Daddy... love you so much!

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Mom and Dad said...

Joanie, the pics turned out so well. I love the borders and the writing on them. Very, very nice!
Am so touched by your remembering special occasions~~
Love ys, Annie

Laura H said...

I love the photos too. I like that your grandma was smiling in it. You rarely see anyone smiling in those "ole photos."