Jul 1, 2009

182- Cherry Pickin' Time

Last week my neighbor asked if we'd like some cherries; their tree is loaded! I glad accepted the offer to pick cherries. I called the Fruit-Bats that live up north and asked if they'd like to come down and pick some as well.

Are these just the cutest, cherry-pickin' fruit-bats you've ever seen?

182- Roxie

182- Ashton

182- Christian


Jessica said...

Why, yes, they are the cutest cherry-picking fruit bats! Thanks for taking the pictures and for inviting us!

Dean and Sheri said...

I wouldn't dream of chasing these adorable critters outta my cherry tree. They look even sweeter than the fruit. I love these photos. The leaves on the tree, the cherries, the beautiful children...they aren't even my grandkids but I'm thinkin' these pics need to go in frames and be set out on a shelf or table somewhere in our home!

Mom and Dad said...

What wonderful portraits, Joanie!

Anke said...

wow, these are awesome, I love the one in the tree especially!!!