Jul 4, 2009

185- Fourth of July Traditions

I love traditions! I love how they bind a family together and give extra meaning to special days. Sometimes it feels as if the *day wouldn't be right* without that special tradition.

A Fourth of July tradition that we adopted almost 15 years ago is having carne asada and enjoying the day with family and friends. (Can you say YUMMY?)

185- carne asada

This year was small; just Camille and Stuart with a friend each. What a great group of young people!

185- family & friends

I've remembered other Fourth of July traditions today as well. As a girl we always attended the Taylorsville parade and rodeo. I LOVED IT! After I got Blue, my horse, I also participated in the events.

The first summer we were in Palmdale someone introduced us to the PHS fireworks display (actually it was sponsored by the City of Palmdale but they used the football stadium at PHS) Since the church was just across the street we took treats, a blanket and chairs and sat on the lawn and watched the display. 1983's display was somewhat pitiful; the finale was only about 10 rockest all set off at the same time. But as the city grew so did the fireworks displays until it became a 30-minute pyrotechnic display that anyone would be proud of! There were years we watched the fireworks sweating and years we needed to bring our coats (yup, that's Palmdale!)

Yes, I cherish traditions, even when all I have are the memories of traditions past.


Mom and Dad said...

Joanie, you always MAKE such fun family times!!! Special family traditions!!
I was remembering Taylorsville today too.

Jessica said...

How lovely. And I LOVE your carne asada. YUM! Gordon looks like he is having the time of his life in that picture :). Happy Fourth!