Jul 9, 2009

190- What Is It?

Several weeks ago I noticed this *thing* in my garden shed. I don't know if it is a cocoon, a chrysalis or something entirely different, but here it is! Does anyone have any good guesses, or better yet, cold hard facts?

It is slightly smaller than a golf ball and attached to the stud by the same material used to construct the *cocoon*. At first I thought nothing had ever emerged. I wondered if it got too hot in the enclosed space of the shed for its occupant. But then I went out and took a closer look. (Yup, stopped in the middle of the post and went out for a closer look!) And look what I saw when I laid down on the floor of my garden shed and pointed my camera up!!

FONTS- Problem Secretary, CK Cursive, BRUSH- KPertiet_LedgerFrames, BA_photomask01a, ACTION- (A2D)_Lomo_V2

It's beautiful! It looks like a snail or sea shell swirl! And I could see the hole in the bottom that shows that some THING emerged. Now I am even more curious!

This is the first photo I was going to post. It gives you an idea what it looks like from the side.


Let that be a lesson to me about looking carefully.

An aside~ Wouldn't it be interesting to have photographs of the photographer in all of the various positions I end up in to *get that shot*?


Mom and Dad said...

Hate to tell you, honey, but if it is a papery construction, I think it may be a yellow jacket or hornet nest. They start small and can get as big as a basketball. The ones we have around here are greyish. Never have seen a striped one.
LOL, Joanie!

debra said...

We had a striped one JUST like that on our gazebo, and we were told it's a paper wasp nest. Amazing how those pesky little creatures can make something so pretty, huh?

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the poses and wish I was close enough to document them. You're quite the gal. See you soon. Love ya pin