Jul 10, 2009

191- The Little Red Hen...

... wants a holiday! But seeing as how this is just the BEGINNING of the harvest season, that's not too likely!

My currants needed picking today. Every year I am surprised again at how time consuming this task is. In previous years I've called a neighbor to come pick what I didn't use (read ~ I got tired of picking!)

FONTS- Problem Secretary, CK Cursive, BRUSH- KPertiet_LedgerFrames, BA_photomask01a, ACTION- (A2D)_Lomo_V2

But this year I invited Emma out into the garden with me to help. Well, we all know she is a sloth and only good as a match-maker. And true to form she only lasted about an hour (read~ the batteries died on my MP3 player).

So I hunted up my best buddy, Harry. Now there is a different story! He is tireless (read~ I had extra AA batteries). He flew through the air, he bested Malfoy, he narrowly escaped death TWICE in meetings with Voldemort, he saved the sorcerer's stone! Yes, now there is a friend I can always count on to help me with my mundane *Little Red Hen* duties.

He stayed with me to the very end of my 5-hour task! What a guy! Somehow when I have company the time just seems to go by faster and the task not quite so mundane.

We ended up with 4 large Tupperware bowls-full of currants... think that will make a lot of ruby-colored jelly!


Laura H said...

Harry is the man (boy) for the job.

Anonymous said...

That is my favorite jelly. You gave me some last year so I will have to come and get some this year. How does the 22nd - 27th of July work for you. Give or take a day? Harry is helping me paint bookcases today. He is the best helper.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Sounds and LOOKS delicious! Fantastic that you were able to produce so much lovely jam from your own plants :)