Jul 26, 2009

207- Simba, hiding-out...

Simba is our 14.5-year old cat (aka old-man-cat)! That would make him, what,101.5 in human years? Yeah, old man cat! Even though I am the one who wanted to get Simba, all those years ago, we all know that you don't own a cat... the cat owns you. Sadly, Simba has never really been interested in me; he would much rather spend his time with Stuart or Gordon. The only time I can count on Simba is when I am sick then he will deign to come lay down by me.

We have our niece, Melodee, visiting for a couple of days with her 5 children, very nice children, in fact. But look who came to take refuge in Mama's workroom! First he hid out under the sewing machine table then he moved to under my computer table. Yep... just a little too much action for one old-man-cat!

FONTS- Problem Secretary, CK Cursive, BRUSH- KPertiet_LedgerFrames, TEXTURE- Fake TTV Texture 2, ACTION- CoffeeShop Cocoa 2 action

1 comment:

Mom and Dad said...

5 children, indeed!
I remember when the Maglebys lived across the street behind Naomi's in a trailer, 4 or 5 kids and 2 parents. One day I heard Mama had 'locked herself in the bedroom'. It made me laugh. So the next time I saw her I said something about that being a smart move on her part --- What she said was, 'No, I would never lock myself away from the children. There's something wrong with the doorknob.'
Well, OK, whatever you say . . . but I KNOW there are times we want to get underneath a quiet computer table . . .