Jan 22, 2010

022- Wind Damage

I mentioned yesterday that the wind was really blowing. It made me think I was back in Palmdale where the wind roars most of the time. But this was, well, strong.

022- trees

I knew last night when I got home from Ward Temple Night that one of our neighbor's staghorn sumacs had been blown down but it wasn't until this morning when I went out for photos that I saw that both big, beautiful, staghorns were down. They've been featured in so many of my sunset photos. Sniff... it always makes me sad when trees get damaged. Then I saw that part of their roof had been blown off! Yikes! The reports were winds 65-75 mph!!

But then, THEN, STINKIN' COW... I looked at my yard and saw that my fence was blown over. Just like the trees, snapped off at the ground!

022- fence

I'm grateful that we didn't sustain serious damage AND that we have insurance. What a blessing.

So this evening just as it was getting dark and starting to snow I remembered that I had a roll of hog wire and metal posts that I'd used to keep Buddi out of my tomatoes (tomato-snatchin'-dog!). I rigged up a temporary fence to keep Harley in the backyard until we get the fence replaced.

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Laura H said...

El Nino found you in Utah.