Mar 27, 2010

086- SAD Experience

Oh, wait... that should be SAD Experiment! (But I couldn't resist that title!)

Any-way, since moving to Utah I've had some problems with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Two winters ago was the worst, mainly because the winter was so long.

As winter began I was concerned about not having another one of those winters. I wanted to avoid those winter blues or cabin fever. I cooked on ideas of how to avoid SAD. On New Year's Eve day I ended up basking on the deck after working like a dog removing snow. That got me to thinking... what if I conducted a [not so scientific] experiment. I wrote about that back in January. I quickly realized that basking on the deck really only works if a) there is no wind and b) I'd been working like a dog to build up body heat. That was when I discovered that I could move my swanky $10 red folding chaise lounge (covered with a folded quilt for warmth) into the dining room and catch the rays through the French doors. Many a morning has found me [and Harley the hound of the Baskingville!] basking even before oatmeal! Hey, you gotta catch those rays while you can; the weather here is so changeable.

Now, since this has been a very unscientific experiment coupled with an El Niño winter I'm not sure how conclusive my results are... but I've had a much easier winter. I've felt better; I suppose that's all that really matters.

So today after mowing the lawn** I decided that it was warm enough to do some on-the-deck-basking! It was gorgeous! It was probably only in the high 50's but the wind was calm. I took a good book out and read for a good hour to hour and a half! Talk about heaven!

And look what I saw while I was outside! Popcorn Popping On My Apricot Tree!!! What a nice surprise!

086- apricot blossoms

Now if I can just count on more mild El Niño days I will have a nice apricot crop. We've only gotten 1 crop in the last 5 years! Usually the tree blossoms early, like this year, and then gets snowed on and freezes. Sad, sad, SAD!

** How can I convince Harley to spread his fertilizer around more evenly on the lawn? I have all these nice green spot all over the back lawn.


Anke said...

Beautiful!!! The color, the texture, I love it!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

See! See! Spring is here...even in Utah! I love it! Just imagine how nice it will smell in the next few weeks...once we get past all these odd storms and ALL the trees begin to bloom! Makes me so happy....and cures my winter blues for sure!