Oct 7, 2010

280- Cook-shees

Do you remember when the *cookie stores* became all the rage back in the late 70s? Maybe if you weren't a cookie-snarfer, like me, you wouldn't.

Cookies, for me, are one of those ultimate comfort foods. When we would go to visit my Grandma in Oakland, CA she would always have a full cookie jar and I don't recall there being any limit on how many I could have (good thing I wasn't a piggy little kid!). They were always moist and chewy... yummy!

Anyway... I loved those wonderful chocolate chip cookies that were all the rage, but I didn't like the $1 per cookie price tag! So I set out on a mission to perfect my chocolate chip cookie recipe.

The first thing that I knew was a must is... I MUST USE REAL BUTTER! In my book there is just no substitute. From there it was just a process of trial and error on the amounts for the other pretty standard ingredients.

What brought all of this to mind was that Spencer texted me on Sunday and wanted my recipe so he and Deborah could try them out.  She'd been getting recipes off the internet and *they just didn't measure up* in Spencer's opinion!  Then he called this morning to tell me that they weren't turning out like he'd remembered (turns out that they didn't have cookie sheets and were baking them in a deep dish metal pan. Spencer had the idea to turn it over and bake them on the bottom of the pan and that seemed to do the trick.)

I pulled up my email I'd sent him with the recipe to see if I had the amounts correct. Then I went to the NEW recipe box and dug until I found the original recipe from nearly 30 years ago! Oh MY! What a totally loved and messy little 3 x 5 card!

280- cookie recipe

These cookies have been made hundreds of times at my house! They've christened each new oven, being the first thing baked. It was one of the first things Camille learned to make and she has become a champion cookie baker!

So? Should I share it with you? OK... there it is... I challenge you to read that spotty mess! bwahahahaha

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Laura H said...

This is almost the exact recipe I used while growing up. I know it because I have it memorized. Except we used 1 cup of sugar.

Anke said...

yummm! sounds really good! I love the picture with the Buggy. Gabby and I always play this game calling out punch buggies whenever we see one. I just got one for free LOL! Very cool!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

My choc chip cookies always end up flat as pancakes...unless I do the butter/shortening or butter/oil mix. Isn't that weird? I make pretty awesome cookies generally though. Which reminds me that I want to make something lovely about now...