Oct 22, 2010

295- Pumpkin Walk

We got to enjoy a local festival, The Pumpkin Walk. It was very fun. Holly said that by the end her face hurt from smiling. There are HUNDREDS of carved pumpkins lining the park walks.


And the displays? They are created using pumpkins, gourds and squash depicting different children's movies and books. The first display was A Bug's Life. I thought the art work on this bug-guy's face was awesome.


These pumpkins as flower centers were clever.

295- flowers

And Freddy Feet! Gotta have a picture of Freddy Feet!

295- freddy feet

The penguins from Madagascar...


And, Phil, you filthy monkey...

(Funny story- when Christian was about 4 his mom asked him to go wake Daddy up very nicely.  He marched down the hall, flung open the door and hollered, *Dad, get up you filthy monkey!* bwahahahaha)

This corn husk, dried corn, fruit and berries is from The Polar Express.  Somehow I missed getting photos of the faces of the characters; again, a work of art.  Love the *punkin-presents*.


This little piggy was my favorite... look at the *nipples*!


It was finished off with a beautiful sunset and the rising full moon.

295- sunset

Good fun, good friends.

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Dean and Sheri said...

Oh JOANIE! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this! Is it over? PLEASE let me know when this is for next year. I REALLY WANT to come along with you. GREAT photos. GREAT fun.