Oct 25, 2010

298- A Passion for History

Yesterday I blogged about Shayna's farm; what I didn't allude to is that she isn't the only amazing person that lives there.  Her husband, Luke, fittingly a History teacher, has a life-long love affair with history and Samaria history in particular. Luke doesn't sit idly by just reading and studying history, he has done his part to preserve it! All of these pioneer cabins are now on his property.

I don't remember all the things Shayna told us about these old buildings, but this one, the Summer Kitchen, was definitely my favorite. This one was moved by dragging it on telephone poles.

298- summer kitchen

The interior of the Summer Kitchen... Luke has really gone out of his way to furnish these little buildings.

298- summer kitchen inside

This is the largest of the cabins in their *backyard*. Luke has added the second story. This is one of the cabins that he numbered, dismantled and reconstructed.

298- large cabin

Look at the beautiful original dovetail corners. You know they were created with hand tools by the original builder.

298- dovetail corners

This little cabin is special because it is constructed by laying 2 by 6 planks on top of each other. It would have to cut down on the chinks!

298- 2x6 cabin

But this one... Luke dismantled and stored this cabin when he was only 15! What foresight! This cabin was built in 1869 by Thomas John Davis, the Great- Grandfather of Olive May Davis Osmond, mother of the famous Osmond family. She was born in this cabin as was her father, Thomas Martin Davis. It was rebuilt at its present location in 2008-2010 by the Community of Samaria. This cabin originally had a sod roof.

298- davis-jenkins cabin

The main room.

298- d-j main room

The bedroom.

298- d-j bedroom

It was dedicated in July 2010.

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