Dec 29, 2010

363- Willow Bowl

Last August my globe willow splintered in a thunder-storm and needed to be cut down. Our sweet neighbor came over with his chain saw and helped us cut it down and then cut it up. He took a piece of the stump home with him, which isn't unusual since he is a wood worker.

A couple of weeks later I cut off the rest of the stump and put it on my porch to remember my sweet willow.

363- wood bowl

Imagine my surprise when Kip called the other night and asked if he could come visit (yikes! he is a member of the Bishopric and that sort of call always smacks of a new-calling or give-a-talk) he brought us a present! He'd turned a bowl from our sweet-girl willow!  It is as smooth as silk!

Isn't it beautiful? I will be able to treasure it for years to come.

363- bowl side


Anke said...

Oh my goodness, it's gorgeous! I just had to throw my large wooden bowl out because the wood had cracked due to my negligence. So make sure you use oil on the wood all the time! I am soo upset over this, it was my favorite bowl! Enjoy yours! I always admire your photos on FB, I wish I had more time to look through everything sooner, it's just crazy around here sometimes! Have a wonderful New Year!

Mom and Dad said...

Joanie, how absolutely sweet of that dear man, to give you a remembrance of your lovely tree. The bowl will probably last longer than the tree would have! We still have things made by Grandpa Pump that he probably "turned" about 100 yrs ago!