Feb 17, 2011

Kodiak... grrrrrr!

When we move in 6 years ago one of the things on the *TO DO* list was GET NEW CARPET... we just didn't realize that it would take us this long to get to it! You know how it is, there are always so many things you want to do and not enough cash to do them all. But that's ok!

Our old carpet was a very low loop medium brown (Gordon said it looked like it belonged in on of our chapels, you know the kind, very utilitarian... but not great to look at.)  We Gordon started looking at carpet about 6 weeks ago and finally roped me into looking as well. I loved the carpet... but not the price! Then we found a place up in American Fork that would sell us the same carpet at a significant reduction!

Do you know how much work getting new flooring is? Yeah, me too! EV-REE-THING! has to come out of the room! And, boy, do we have a lot of junk! I spent a week sorting, packing, and organizing every thing so we would be ready. Gordon had the idea of having it done on two different days; one day for each half of a level (we have a 3-level house and only got carpet on 1 & 3, we have wood floors on level 2)

Stuart brought over his room-mates on Monday evening (2/7) and they moved all of the heavy stuff: boxes and boxes of books, book cases, etc into the garage. Then we put the bulky stuff, like beds, couches, etc into the other half of the of the level.

17- family room b&a

The installers pulled up the old carpet (ick... how did all that dirt get under the pad? GROSS!) Then sweep up the big pieces and I needed to go in and vacuum the floor before they could start to lay the new padding and carpet. They finished the first, and larger, half in about 5 hours (the master bedroom and hallway upstairs and the family room downstairs.)  I ended up with a major allergy attack from all that cleaning... again with the ick!

Harley was keeping a close eye on those worker-dudes... it's what he does best!

17- harley b&a

Tuesday night and Wednesday we had to move every thing from the bedrooms back onto the finished carpet. Then Thursday the worker-dudes were back to finish the job. I wish I could have finished my part as quickly as they did! Stuart and his buds came back on Friday evening and brought all of the stuff in from the garage... bless their young, strong, muscular bodies!

17- upstairs hall b&a

My favorite part of my new carpet is the shot above... I love how the carpet looms above the top stair. I joke and tell Gordon I'm going to trip on the carpet it is so thick or that I will get lost. Really, it is heavenly to walk on!

And!!! not only do I have new carpet... Gordon said he needed to treat me for *working like a mule* and bought me a new Bosch mixer!  Somehow the salves 2 weeks of hard labor ;-)

So are you wondering about the title?  Kodiak is the color of our new carpet.


Jessica said...

Gorgeous! I can't wait to squish my toes in it on Sunday! Congrats on the new Bosch, too. What a thoughtful Gordon!

Dean and Sheri said...

Oh, it looks so cozy and lush. I want to sink my feet in! Ah, what the heck...I think Harley's got the right idea...just sink my whole self in! Another very good reason for me to come visit again. SOON! Love ya, Joanie.

Ann Larsen said...

I'll bet you feel like you have a new house. I like that fresh smell of new carpet, and it's so beautiful.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Lovely squishy new carpet...I like it. And so does Harley, apparently :)

Sweet P's Blog said...

What gorgeous carpet. Like everyone else said, It looks squishy soft. You could name your carpet "Squishy".
missing you love p