Feb 23, 2011


I've mentioned that in years past I've suffered with SAD. Last year I tried an experiment of daily (or as often as possible) basking. I felt a noticeable difference. This year has been even better, for a couple of reasons...

First, Gordon and I have gotten out of the house A LOT! For the better part of 3 months we were going to physical therapy, for arthritis (I can't like those -itis boys!!), so we were out in the car driving in the sunshine at least 3 days a week.

Second, emmm, I forgot! but maybe it had something to do with being active in addition to being out in the sun.

23- sunshine shamrock

So anyway, I will share some of the sunshine from my life, coming right in through my kitchen window (where a new Bosch lives... I'm just bosching everything around in my kitchen... bwahahahahahaha)

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