Aug 16, 2011

Helper Harley

So *lasterday* after taking lunch to Miss Camille we decided to do a Costco shop since we haven't been there forever. One of the main reasons for going there was to get Harley more dog food. (He seems to prefer the Kirkland brand best.) Like everything Costco it comes in ginormous one ton bags. And, ya know, my hands are still healing from surgery so I knew I couldn't lift and pour. So I carefully cut open a corner of the bag, used a forklift to get the bag onto the kitchen counter and then poured it into the 5-gallon bucket... bwahahahahahaha...

helper harley

Sweet Helper Harley, he isn't a begger! He's a cleaner-upper! He was right on the job going to help Mama clean up her mess!

what a mess!

I'm not sure I could have made a bigger mess if I'd tried. And you know... all I did was laugh and laugh!



Dean and Sheri said...

Oh, Joanie. This made ME laugh and laugh...Great photo story. Thanks for sharing the moment. I hope your Birthday was FABULOUS...cuz that's what YOU are...and SO MUCH MORE.
Love you.

Heather said...

I love these photos - and your uplifting attitude!