Aug 18, 2011

Slow Learner...

Do you ever find that your mind wanders? As a dyslexic/ADD girl I've always been a day-dreamer. Yesterday I was in one of those day-dreaming modes while massaging a sore knuckle and all of a sudden a whole blog post popped into my mind!

I've decided that I must be a slow learner or learning-impaired or simply head-strong. Take your pick!

Growing up and through my 20's we lived rurally and heated our house with wood. At an early age I learned to chop kindling with a hatchet; then in my 20's I learned how to use a spitting maul. It was a wonderful outlet for frustrations I was going through at the time. I could make the wood fly!

Hmmm... but that was in my 20's and now I'm, well, not in my twenties! (Sneezing sound= fffffffifty-nine!) But I still have said spitting maul and I use it from time to time, usually as a sledge-hammer.

So back to the sore knuckle... why was it sore you may ask? Because the last time I tried to use my spitting maul to hammer some stakes into the ground around my tomato plants I whacked that knuckle good and hard; skinning it and bruising the bone!

Now let's think... last August, when Stuart and I were putting in the paw-th I tried to cut a piece of rock with said-maul and ended up just about chopping off the end of the same finger. It took months for that one to heal! And go back to January 2010 when I whacked my thumb good and hard trying to build a temporary fence to keep Harley in the yard after the wind storm blew down our fence!

slow learner

MAYBE... just maybe, it's time to stop using said splitting maul! What do you think?

But you know my favorite part about this photo?  Notice the 3 ibuprofen tablets in the background?  Yeah, I need that quite a bit! bwahahahahahaha


Pauline said...

It is best that you are finally learning, maybe, but I will stand back just in case, if I'm in the vicinity.

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Love Pauline's comment. I'll be standing with her.

Anke said...

you'll probably find a good use for the thing again next year LOL. We tend to forget those lessons... Love the shot with the meds in the background :)