Nov 15, 2011

Crackin' It

Or perhaps crack-in-it is more appropriate! But since I was playing the pumbler plumber I couldn't resist that title.

So let me tell you my plumber story. You know we just returned from Palmdale where we had fun family time and Spencer and Deborah's wedding. Thursday night about 11:30 I was sitting on the throne, with the lid down, using the counter to paint my nails. I heard CHA-PLINK and then drip, drip, drip... what in the heck? I looked down between the toilet and counter and couldn't see anything. As soon as I'd finished the last of my nails I looked on the other side... there was a steady drip, drip, drip coming out of a crack in the toilet tank!

Can you imagine if that had happened 10 hours later just after we'd left for Palmdale?  

Oh! My! Stinkin! Heck! 

We would have come home to a flooded house!

As it was I turned off the water, grabbed a bath towel to sop up the water and left town feeling confident I could replace the toilet when we got home.

So, were you expecting a long story now? Nope! I spent yesterday in the sunshine... I've learned never to let a sunny and warm November day escape me if I can help it. But today, which was cloudy, Gordon and I went to Home Cheap-O (as Kevin-son calls it) and bought a new ter-let! We brought it home and then Gordon watched me install it, since he'd never put in a toilet before! Funny role reversal at my house...

In Gordon's defense- he did all of the schlepping of toilet parts...


Isn't she beautiful?


debra said...

I just love that you blogged about your toilet. Not many people can do that, but you are so stinkin' cute that you CAN! Love you, cute lady!!! Just thinking about you brightens my day! XOXO!

alexfrankie said...

You are awesome!! I don't think I could install a toilet, or I meant to say, I don't think I want to install a toilet. Enjoy that new throne of yours. Mary