Dec 23, 2011

Christmas Apples

Back in the day... we always got an apple and an orange along with nuts in our Christmas stocking. (Random fact... it has nothing to do with this post, but I thought about it just now as I titled this post.)

Now for the real post-

I suppose phenomenon of apple-ornaments has occurred other years and I just haven't noticed it but this year I'm noticing all of the apples still hanging, just like festive ornaments, on the trees (which is interesting, since if I don't spray my apple tree I don't have ANY apples on it by the time they should be ripe... am I babbling?)

I think they look so beautiful...

apples close up

Yesterday and today have been wonderful sunshiny days, for which I am very grateful after a couple of weeks of fog.  I was able to capture these natural ornaments with a beautiful cerulean background.


The thing I want to know is this-
  • Why don't the birds eat these? 
  • Are they fermented? 
  • Are they frozen? 
  • Just not tasty enough? (The birds always want to eat MY apples!)

This is a different tree... a crab apple.  It lives across the street from the other apple trees.

crab apples

These two trees are in my neighborhood, but I've seen these apple-ornaments on apple trees all over town.  Do you have any apple-ornaments where you live?


Laura H said...

Does anyone still give fruit and nuts in stocking because I never got it. But I think its a tradition that should come back!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

All I know is that when there is still fruit on trees and bushes it is SUPER gorgeous in the snow! I love that :)