Dec 19, 2011

Paperwhites for Christmas

About six weeks ago when I was shopping for a de-thatching blade for my lawnmower I saw some paperwhite bulbs (Narcissus papyraceus). They had various quantities, some even already planted in a glitzy-silver pot. But I'm not too much of a silver-pot-kind-of-girl so I opted to buy my own pot... a beautiful pearly black square pot that would look *just so* in my kitchen!

I brought the bag of 10 bulbs and new pot home, immediately read the directions and set about potting my bulbs. I've never *forced* a bulb before, but there were clear instructions about planting the bulb with the top showing and putting it in a cold place (under 50 degrees... hmmm wonder if I could find somewhere like that in November! HA! The garage! It's a second refrigerator in the winter) for two weeks and then bring it inside to a sunny spot (aforementioned kitchen window) and watch it grow.

Boy they weren't kidding! I could literally watch it grow! It sprouted up a couple of inches each day. Then last week the blossom heads started to appear. Now, just in time for Christmas, here they are in full bloom! What a beautiful treat!


I love their delicate fragrance. It tickles my nose each time I walk into the kitchen.  They remind me so much of their cousins in the Narcissus family.

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hannah said...

What a treat!
Just what one needs in the bleak midwinter.
Great combination with the texture.

Pat Mark said...

How pretty. I love the delicate little flowers and the sweet smell.

Pat said...

They're lovely! Nice processing on the photo.