Dec 21, 2011

S & D's Wedding Quilt

* (I went looking for this post, and several others... omsh... apparently I never wrote them! At least I did blog about this project when it was in the construction phase... but come-on!  The #1 purpose of my blog is for me.  That's right ME, ME, ME!  IT'S ALL ABOUT ME! OK... well, I got that out of my system!)

When Spencer and Deb were planning their wedding I asked *the questions*- what colors do you want in your quilt?  what size?  They wanted green and brown!  Oh, dang, that will be torture!  Green and brown just happens to be one of my current favorites. 

s&d wedding quilt

I thoroughly enjoyed myself through the whole process: choose the fabric, cut the fabric, arrange on the design wall (which now lives permanently on sewing room wall, I was tired of taking it down), sew the block, rows, top and then one of my favorite things nowadays... the quilting. I decided to use that same wonderful paisley pattern I learned when I made Holly's quilt (but did I get any close-ups of S&D's quilt? No, not me! I'm sensing a problem here!)

I love being able to make these beautiful quilts for my loved ones... what a blessing.


Angie said...

Wow! Beautiful quilt and I love how you've used Kim's texture on your image of it. So talented you are! VEry lovely!! Happy Holidays to you! :)

Sylvia said...

What a beautiful quilt you've made, Joanie !
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog !
Wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas time,