Jan 3, 2012

Nana's Flowers

This-day I went to see my Desi for a much needed wax and trim (wow, that sound's like an ol-timey barbershop!) She'd just returned from a Christmas visit with her Daddy. She was unpacking and said, "Look at these wonderful flowers my Nana made! She is so much more creative than me!" I immediately fell in love with this off-white one and came home with it for my very own.

Speaking of crafty... I love my new iPhone camera and Snapseed app... EXCEPT... on that itty-bitty screen I can't see how much is too much when I edit a photo. So although I love my newest MPC (marsupial-pocket-camera) it will never replace my Rebel!

So here's your twenty-twelve version of good ol' jb!

1 comment:

NanaSue said...

Nice haircut! You look pretty good to me. Can't be over 45, right?