Jan 30, 2012

Photo Op

I always travel with my camera planning to take lots of photos... but I had no idea when I left for Arkansas 11 days ago that I would have so much practice.  I got to stretch my knowledge, read up on and then capture silhouettes.

I mentioned in my 1000th post that Megan is working on some of her original music and she wanted me to take photos to use in the video presentations. I took a googlin of photos and we had so much fun. She made numerous wardrobe changes, we trekked down the ravine behind their house, we took it to the wood-pile and spent time on the deck.

I'd like to share four of my favorite with you here tonight.

Megan and Erik...

The twilight was beautiful so all I needed to do was give them a little boost. But when I moved on to the piano photos I pulled out my creative bag-of-tricks... ooh! I do love this!

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