Mar 26, 2012

Palmdale Visit

I started my California trip (3/8) in Palmdale and the first stop was go to Spencer's house! Deb and Riley were at the gym so Deb told Riley there was a surprise for him at home. I met him at the door and he wanted to know what I brought him! Not exactly the reaction Deb was looking for! bwahahaha... but that's ok... I love my little guy!

The next day we NEEDED a beach day! This time we decided we'd try the Santa Monica Pier. I haven't been there for ages, not since... well, I don't remember when! Spencer chauffeured us in their minivan. And you know what? He drives like a dad... all mature and everything. I was relieved to have him drive. I know I can still drive in LA traffic, but after driving for 9 hours the day before, I was a little road weary.


We parked at the Santa Monica Mall (I'm sure there is a better name than that but I don't know what it is... maybe Auntie P knows! Jump in here on the comments and tell us P.) After using the facilities we took a walk down to the pier. I saw a darling *Angry Birds* stocking cap that I would have gotten for Riley (remember- what did I bring him?) but he took one look and gave it the thumbs-down.

We wandered to the end of the pier where we were accosted by Snake-Man! ICK! saw some fishermen and the Amusement Park. They've done a good job of providing fun rides for the littles! I love this shot of Riley looking so pleased with Deb and Spencer in the background.

Next up was the mini *Mali-boomer* (I stole that name from CA Adventure).

Put up your hands, Riley!

And, since we were in the neighborhood (took us 2 hours to travel 13 miles! I'm not joking!) We HAD to stop at Cielito Lindo.

OhMyStinkin'Heck! Do I ever love this place! I told the guys I'd come all the way from Springville, Utah just to eat their taquitos and tomatillo sauce and he gave me extra! YUM! (It makes my mouth water just looking at this lovely mess of greeness!)  But Auntie P scored the biggest deal getting taquitos for Steve AND a pint of sauce for $10!

There are always interesting-sorts down at the beach... it makes me so grateful for my home!

We arrived back in P-dale at dark-thirty so Spencer dropped us off and took his tired-self and tired little family home.

Next day, after some retail therapy with Auntie P, they came back for dinner at P's house. And look what Auntie P had for Riley!! Now we see who the best Grammie is!

My stay in Palmdale was too short this time around... I will have to plan better on my next trip. I'm so grateful for my sister-by-choice and Spencer, Deborah and Riley. It was wonderful to see them all again.

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