Aug 6, 2012



Noelle was given the *top-dog* assignment as *Chief-Cook-and-Bottle-Washer* just 3 weeks before camp (the previous CC&BW had to back-out unexpectedly) so it was a bit of a scramble to get everything pulled together in time to cooking for and serve 330 bodies X 3-times a day! One of the good ideas Noelle had (and she had many!) was to split up the menu and ask each of us assistants to be responsible for figuring out how much of everything we needed to buy for our 2 meals. (10 meals divided by 5 bodies... see how that works?)

Since all of us were novices it was a bit of a guesstimation game... we all just did the best we could using all of the information we could glean from years of cooking and internet recipes. There was a lot of conferring with one another to determine if we really had the right amounts. (Did I even order beans?)

Some of it we nailed right on and others... well, let's just say that perhaps the *eaters* just didn't consume the recommended daily allotment of...


Cauliflower made its first debut at Tuesday's salad bar lunch. Holy cow... how much do we have left? We cooked up cauliflower and broccoli for dinner that night. We still have some left? We toted out cauliflower and her little green friend for Wednesday lunch and dinner... AND WE STILL HAD IT COMING OUT OF OUR EARS!

By Thursday morning it had become a running joke *somebody-who-shall-remain-nameless* artfully arranged them on the tables as center pieces and announced to the hungry bodies, "Please only take 3 pieces of cauliflower and broccoli so there will be enough for everyone!" Bwahahahahahaha

Tuesday was a VERY early start! Judy, Carolyn and Colin were all up at 4 am (my clock only has 4 pm!) to start the pot roasts for dinner and french toast with buttermilk syrup for breakfast (oh my Yumminess!) Who couldn't like buttermilk syrup: butter, lots of it, buttermilk, vanilla, sugar!

But with all that sugary sweetness there was a bit of a sticky mess to clean up. I made myself a bucket of soapy water to wipe down the counters, but in my haste I accidentally plunged my cloth into the pot of syrup instead!

Now I ask you... can you tell the difference? I didn't even squeeze my rag in it!  But the majority decided that it was unhygienic! to reuse that syrup and down the drain it went! (sniff... sniff I would have taken it home!)

By after lunch those 4 o'clock ladies needed a nap! Judy came out looking all puffy-eyed but she had the perfect solution! Cucumbers! The plain kind, not the stripedy-kind.

We even had Super-Heros (in costume and out) to help us through our week of cooking and cleaning! This cute Super-Hero's auntie seeded and cut up most of the 20 pounds of tomatoes for pico de gallo. THAT is definite Super-Hero status in my book! (Thank you Heather!)

AFTON- aka the Masked Avenger

I like to say that it was like preparing for Thanksgiving dinner for 4 days straight!

And the oddest of girls camp oddities? I just don't have words!


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