Jan 28, 2014

Carseat Canopy

My sister, Grannie Annie (how cute is that?), reminded me that I hadn't posted any pixs of the finished project that alluded to 10 days ago.

I made Fiona a darling little polkie-dottie carseat cover (and do I have a photo of it? No! Not me!!) It has been so useful that I knew I needed to make one for Annabelle too.

I mentioned that Deb's favorite baby-girl color is this coraly-pink. Since Annabelle's Under the Sea quilt is in mostly ocean-blues I wanted this to make the statement, "This is a darling little girl here, chum!" When I ferreted in my pink fabric tote these fabrics just called out to me!

I didn't have very much of any one fabric (except the pink floral stripe, shown here, fourth block in the top row, and on the back) since this collection had already made two projects. I started by sewing all of the little scraps together. I'd saved anything that was over an inch wide just for such an occasion.  I've marked some of the *piece-a-dee-peacertons* with arrows; some of the pieces weren't cut straight but I didn't let that get in my way. I squared up the blocks to 7 1/2".  It just adds to the character of the quilt! I just kept creating blocks until I was down to the last nine- they are the aforementioned block in the top row.

The finished top was 42" square. I quilted that square, then cut out the canopy shape and bound all the edges. Holy cow did that ever eat up a bunch of binding! (Which came from the trimmed off backing fabric from the Moda King quilt. Use it up!) The pattern is from fleecefun.com and is found HERE.

Since the finished quilt always shrinks and crinkles when washed, just what I like, I would make it larger next time. (Fiona's fleece canopy fits perfectly)

And while I was writing this post look what I caught!! But just barely since I had to yoink the SD card out of my computer to put back in my camera! Such a big 6-day old girl!

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NanaSue said...

Stunning composition. I love all the pinks. You're such a handy Grammies.