Aug 24, 2014

Christian's Big Day

Today, Christian's 12th birthday, was a special day. His Dad conferred upon him the Aaronic Priesthood and ordained him to office of a Deacon. We are so pleased that he is a worthy (and handsome) young man.

Since it was their Ward Conference today we all gathered at Doug and Jessica's home (which was quite nice and packed to the gills) for this happy occasion.

Grampy Gordon, Papa Dell, Papa Warner, Christian, Doug, Uncle Stuart, Uncle Kevin (Camille's kind of Kevin), Uncle Kevin (Suzi's kind of Kevin), Uncle Beau and Uncle Matt.

We are so blessed to be here to participate in these wonderful milestones.

OK... Funny story-

Years ago I was sitting in Primary with the older boys when Josh says to me-

"Sister Lewis, when do I get to be a duncan?"

"A DUNCAN, Josh?"

Yeah, a duncan. You know, those boys who pass the sacrament!"

"Ahh! A DEACON?"

"Yeah, yeah... a deacon!"

Today our Christian is a Duncan!

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