Oct 21, 2014

Roxie's Special Dress

Roxie just turned 8 and, in keeping with tradition, I told her I would make her baptism dress. Part of the fun of this tradition is that said granddaughter and Grammie go shopping together to pick out fabric and a pattern. I showed Roxie my progress and she was still marveling at 3rd Sunday Grammie-dinner how she could choose just what she wanted.

I finished it up today. And it is so Roxie!

 photo 21-roxiebaptismdressfront_zpsed890a5b.jpg

I love how her personality shows through in her choices.

 photo 21-roxiebaptismdressback_zpsc4be9acf.jpg

I truly enjoy sewing something special for my littles. I even got to learn a new technique (thank you Pinterest!)

 photo 21-fabricflowers_zpsc249df97.jpg

I will be back in a couple of weeks with photos of my darling girl in her special dress.

PS... If you'd like to see Ashton's dress go here.

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