Jan 27, 2015

Laundry Pedestal

You may remember that last March we bought a new front-loading Samsung washer and dryer. Boy, oh boy, are they ever the pip! This model has the a steam feature on both the washer and dryer. Gordon's undershirts have long been plagued with deodorant stained armpits. NOT ANY MORE! It only took one wash on the steam cycle and his *bunders* are as clean and white as new... even the ones that are practically threadbare.

There is only one problem with my new super-dee-dupper laundry-duo... they are too low. My poor old low back just can't do all the bending over so I end up kneeling on the rug in order to move a load from the washer to the dryer. (Guess it's a good thing that my knees still work really well!)

I NEEDED a laundry pedestal... but I wasn't going to pay the $259.99 a piece that's wanted at Lowe's. (Where we purchased the washer and dryer). Besides the drawers in those are so shallow you really can't store much in them.

Enter Pinterest! (Can that ever suck you in if you'll let it!)

I had a purpose so I dove right in. I spent several hours over a couple of days ferreting out just what I liked the best and came up with some very workable and helpful plans. I liked Courtney's take on Ana White's plans that she got from Sausha... yeah, that's kind of how it goes on Pinterest!

Behold... my new laundry pedestal!!

I am so happy with how it turned out! And, for me, half the fun was in the making. I like that there is no bottom shelf so I can easily clean under there AND let's face it... retrieve lost items that always fall behind the washer and dryer disappearing forever!

One tweak Courtney made, and I copied, is the four legs support the pedestal top and the frame is screw right into the 4x4" legs instead of using brackets. I also made my pedestal 58" x 30" x 15 3/4" so I can still hang my ironing board next to the dryer.

I went to my favorite Home Depot where, for a fraction of the cost ($100), I bought the materials. They offer free cutting at my store so I had them cut the MDF for me... I'm terrible when it comes to using a circular saw! And even though I wore gloves, I wore a blister at the base of my right thumb from drilling in all of those 3" screws!

I also discovered that a quart of Behr primer and paint would have been more than enough. (Hmmm... what else do I want to paint smoky-grey-blue?)

(BTW- can you believe this beautiful January weather here in Utah? I feel like we're having a Palmdale winter!)

Once it was all built, painted and distressed Gordon and I moved it into the laundry room but we knew there was no way WE could lift that washer up 15 3/4"!! Enter our wonderful friends (and Home Teachers): Clark, Brooks and even Spencer came to do the heavy lifting.

I dazzled them with my skills of hooking up the washer and dryer AND then getting out from behind them. I told them I'd just climb over the top. They watched me lift my leg to the height of my shoulder and crawl out like a squirrel...  they were amazed. Clark said he never would have been able to stand up...

And I was also needed to shimmy under to level the back legs on the dryer. There are many times when being a short gal is very advantageous! I've never wanted to be tall... good thing, I guess! (Hey, those are good lookin' 62-year old legs! I'll keep them!)

I'm so pleased to have my washer and dryer at this new, convenient height! It has opened up a whole new level of laundry fulfillment!

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