Mar 7, 2009

066- A Slice of Vintage

Yesterday on my trip to and from Manti I saw so many things that I wanted to take photos of and I thought, "I'll stop at my leisure on the way home." Little did I know that there would be a snow storm and I wouldn't even see most of those interesting things again!

But I did see this wonderful vintage Texaco sign (I wish I could remember what town it was in!). It reminded me of the signs I used to see growing up (hmmm... 50 years ago! yikes, how can that be??) Luckily I got to this one before the storm totally moved in.


And those photos of the herd of sheep with lots of black sheep and the shoe tree... well, I guess they will just have to wait for another day and another trip!


Anke said...

that is such a cool sign!!! I love your pictures from the previous post too, they are beautiful!!!

Brenda Leyland said...

Yes, I'm learning too.... that some things you just should do 'right now'. Otherwise the opportunity is past.

Enjoyed the texaco sign. I always loved that old advertistement on TV in the '60s when the bell would ring as a car drove over the cord.

And thanks, Joanie, for stopping by my place. Enjoyed getting your comments.