Mar 12, 2009

071- In Reflection

Several months ago I was driving in downtown Provo and saw a sight I KNEW I was going to have to capture on film. So this week I found myself in the same neighborhood BUT THIS TIME I had my camera!

The Provo Tabernacle is situated on the corner of First South and University Ave. It was built in the last 1800's. It is a beautiful specimen of older architecture. But the interesting thing is that on the opposite corner of the same block is this giant black glass building (I think it might be a NuSkin building, but I don't know for sure.)

I was captured by the reflection of this stately old building in the mirror effect of the modern one. I feel there is an analogy in this image. We are progressing, learning, growing, becoming more "sophisticated" but we must never forget the Rock on which we are planted, strong and immovable, our Saviour Jesus Christ. And if we forget, we will become distorted, just as this reflection is.



leannewitney said...

Ooooh- way to go on bringing a Gospel spin into your photo! I love it. You should save this photo for a future talk or lesson you may have to give... :)

Rosehaven Cottage said...

That is really cool! I love that you've captured this to share. I would have been struck by it as well.


Jessica said...

Love it, Joanie. What a beautiful photo and what a beautiful analogy. And yes, it is the NuSkin building. That's where I was working Doug and I got married. But I never noticed any beautiful photo ops. I guess I was preoccupied...