Mar 16, 2009

075- California Sunset

I am in the Golden State for the next two weeks! I've come to visit with my daughter and her family for a few days and then stay on for a week and do *Grammie Duties* while *the parents* get to run away on a Mexican Rivera cruise. I enjoy coming to visit with these boys (I was going to say little boys, but they are growing up fast!... now 12, 9, & 7). I was here 11 months ago and did the same duty; we had a great time. There is just a well know fact that grandkids and grandparents love to be together!

As we pulled into *the park* (the informal name for where they live just outside Yosemite) there was a glorious sunset with a gnarled oak tree just waiting to be photographed! Yup, that's me- marsupial-pocket-girl! But I'm going to have to get a bigger pocket... tune in tomorrow for more information.



Lillie said...

Hee Hee Hee! I can't wait to read tomorrow's post! Lovely picture.

Mom and Dad said...

Yes, CA sunsets are different, huh? Don't remember that until you see one, especially this time of year.
Am glad you arrived safely and are looking forward to enjoying the GrandBoys!!
Speaking of GrandBoys, isn't Jace Thomas sweet??
Love ya Grammie!!
from Grannie