Mar 21, 2009

080- Grammie Duties

*** When you live in the "hill-country" and there is a severe thunder and lightening storm... you lose electricity. THE END!

So here is yesterday's post now that the power is back on.

Even though I arrived on Monday today is the first official day of Grammie-duties. I love these times when it is just me and the kids. We have such a different visit than when their folks are here.

The mama & daddy are off on a much needed and deserved cruise.
Earlier in the week while walking to the mailbox I saw this beautiful group of granite rocks. I knew I would need to get a photo of the boys here.

080- Brock  and Caden

Caden, sweet Caden just loves Super-girl the cat. She is such a patient soul. When she was a kitten Brock used to carry her around like a sack of potatoes.

080- Caden and Super

And speaking of Super... here she is in all her whiskered afternoon glory!

080- Super Girl, the cat

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Lillie said...

What cute kids. - And Cat!