Mar 27, 2009

086- My Boys

It is amazing how fast a week will go (even getting up at 6:15 every morning). I have enjoyed my time with the boys so much! This is an old tradition...

My first solo visit was with little almost-2 Tadhgy so his mommy and daddy could go away for their 6th anniversary. [Amazing fact... Caden was born 9 months later ;) ] It has continued on an almost yearly basis since then. Once I even went on the get-a-way weekend with them because Brock was still nursing.

But I must admit that I love these solo visits with my little boys. I revel in the one-ness that we have when their parents are gone. They are always so well behaved! [demonstrating their good home-training]

FONTS- Problem Secretary, CK Cursive, BRUSH- KPertiet_LedgerFrames, JB's Red Moss overlay (one more sad note... I only had my little Lumix camera in my marsupial pocket this day!! :o( )

I know that my days are numbered now that the boys are getting older and that these Grammie-duty visits will one day stop... but until then I will bask in the love of my grandsons!

(Red Moss is just one of the texture layers that I've captured on this visit and uploaded to flickr to share. You can get them here.)


Mom and Dad said...

What fine big boys!!! I always thought Brock would be a little round-cheeked chereb, somewhere around 30 in. tall. He Isn't!!
And about Grammie-days coming to an end?? . . . They may need you as much as teenagers as they do now. Am so glad you are enjoying them!!!
It has been wonderful to visit, Joanie. Thank you so much for calling!! Love ya, Annie

Dean and Sheri said...

What a lucky Grandma you are!

Dean and Sheri said...

What lucky grandsons these sweet boys are!