Mar 28, 2009

087- Saturday Morning

Saturday morning... what kid didn't look forward to that? But instead of those Saturday morning cartoon that I used to watch (no Cartoon Net then!) the boys look forward to playing X-box. Their mama wisely has an X-box ban during the week so Saturday is a big day (but only after breakfast and teeth are brushed, boy, she is almost as mean a mom as I was!)

So this is my last Grammie-duties photo. When I finish here I will shut down my laptop, pack up the camera, put the finishing touches on the house and be off to the airport. I've had such a lovely visit with my boys. I am such a lucky Grammie!



Lillie said...

You may feel lucky, but the real lucky's are your kids who get to escape parenthood for a moment. I'm almost green with envy.

Mom and Dad said...

I remembered you were coming home today. I hope you had a nice trip and are enjoying being home in your own little nest!! Glad you enjoy your GrandBoys so very much, Joanie, and that you and they can share your lives every once in a while.
Welcome home, dearie!!

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Really cool shot! LOVE it! I can tell you're having a blast with your new DSLR.