Mar 30, 2009

089- Secrets in the Garden

I was feeling just a little bummed this morning when I looked outside and everything was covered in white. I've come back to winter! I try to do the *Pollyanna* thing and look for the good: we need the moisture AND I am very thankful for it. But I supposed I'd been lulled into the false notion that it would be spring in Utah (and I know better!) after two weeks in CA.

I was going to scrounge around in past photos and see what I could post that was not just snow, again!

But at 6:46pm when the sun was still quite high in the evening sky I saw that the light was beautiful and most of the snow was melted (but it is cold... 29.3, ish!) I took my new friend outside to introduce it to my garden. I loved the look of this daffodil and hyacinth... they look like they are having a confidential conversation about the world and its changing weather! (Or maybe about this odd woman snapping photos, who knows... I don't speak botanical!)



Dean and Sheri said...

So delightful. Thanks so much Joanie for making my days just a little prettier with all your photos.
Love ya,

Dean and Sheri said...

OH! I forgot to say that I love the title of this one. It really does look like they are sharing a secret.

Mom and Dad said...

I am so delighted by the hardiness of these little bulbs in the spring and the hollylocks in the fall. The temp freezes at night and the poor little petals get almost transparent with cold, but the flowers still survive to flaunt their frills and colors another sunny day. What is that all about?? The lettuce that freezes in the back of the fridge doesn't do half as well!!
One nice thing about being in CA -- Joanie gets TWO springs this year! Now, you have to like that!! You got to see the more advanced CA season when your bones were cold from UT snows . . . Now you get to watch as our beautiful UT spring emerges FROM the snow. . . and hopefully, this spring will be long and glorious like last year's!
Y'gotta love IT!!
Glad you are home, my dear girl!!
We have missed you, little daffodil.