Mar 31, 2009

090- A [dandy]LION sort of day...

Remember way back on March 1st when I declared it a LAMB day? Boy howdy, have we every had the mood-swings of March this month! We've had lovely spring days which encouraged my apricot tree to bloom and heavy snow days which battered those same little blossoms (which fortunately seem to still be hanging on! I'm hoping for more apricot-y goodness this summer.)

So today, being March 31st, I thought I'd try to determine what sort of day this is. I've decided that it is a [dandy] Lion sort of day! We have an overcast sky, melting snow, high of 50, some breezes and a few hardy little plants that are showing their happy faces in spite of the mood-swing weather! (And you know what? But the time I get to this point in Utah winters I pretty much mood-swing right along with the weather.)

090- [dandy]lion

I took a little walkie around my backyard and found other signs of imminent spring. My old-fashioned lacey lilacs are in bud... I can hardly wait!

090- lilac buds

These hardy little violets pop up in the grass all spring and summer. I just love them. It wasn't until I uploaded the photos that I realized that I also have a photo of a swine-ant (close relative of the swine-deer) climbing on one of the stems (I just can't like ants!)

090- violet


Jessica said...

Thank you for evidence of spring. I need it.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Oh! I want spring spring spring! Where are you? You smell so nice and taste so crisp! Where are you? We are still waiting for you in UT!!!!

Mom and Dad said...

Andy's Lizzie calls these "wishers". You wait until they make the big fluffy, puffy head and then blow. I've always thought kids and dandilions are in cahoots: Kiddies pick dandilions and no one minds -- Dandilions don't mind when the kids blow the seeds all over creation!
Loved your pics, Joanie. I hope my white lilacs bloom this year!