Apr 8, 2009

098- Wagon Wheel

After the Temple today I needed to run some errands and visit my Deloris. I stopped at the Fabric Mill in Orem (it is just across State St. from where Deloris is) and found exactly what I was looking for... AND MORE.

You just never know when you are going to have a photo op! I'd put my Canon in the trunk this morning just in case such an opportunity arose! I never can decided if this wagon belongs to Fabric Mill or Chuch-a-Rama (most likely Chuck-a-Rama... chuck wagon... well, I'm sure you understand). But in the storm-light it just looked wonderfully rustic. (By the way... April showers bring May flowers!)


1 comment:

Rosehaven Cottage said...

This is a great composition. I love the combination of textures and colors. You did a great job with the post-processing. I love photo ops like this!