Apr 9, 2009

099- Rain, Glorious Rain

Have you ever tried to get a photo of rain? Yeah, it is even harder than snow!

I was out in the street... IN THE RAIN [in my pajamas] trying to get just that right photo... but no luck this time. The closest I could get was the rain falling in the ginormous puddle in front of my house... but even that isn't what I wanted.


I just love the rain. I suppose if I had to work out in it, I might not like it, but I don't so I do!! ;)

I love the sound of the rain pattering [or hammering] down on the roof and windows. I love the clean, fresh smell that comes with a good rain [particularly a summer rain] storm. I am so grateful for the needed moisture [too many drought years for this girl]. I love the wonderful grey skies that come with rain.


I ventured out again after the rain abated and got some shots of the rain drops still clinging to the flowers and trees [but I have to be quick with the wind blowing they won't stay for long!]


I love to remember the little rhyme from primary grades at school, April showers bring May flowers. I can hardly wait for next part of that rhyme.


Skinner Family said...

I wish we were just getting rain up here, we are still getting snowed on :( One of my friends put this link on her blog and I thought of you. It is a short clip on Elder Uchtdorf's talk "Create". Enjoy!


Lillie said...

What lovely - wet- pictures! BTW the dates on the photography class are firm, Sorry, I tried.