Apr 11, 2009

101- Little Purple Pansies...

I can never see a pansy without the Primary song starting in by head (just thinks... it's been in there for over half a century!!!)

Little purple pansies touched in yellow gold,
Growing in one corner of my garden old;
We are very tiny but must try, try, try,
Just one spot to gladden, you and I.

In whatever corner we may chance to grow,
Whether cold or warm the wind may ever blow;
Dark the day or sunny, we must try, try, try,
Just one spot to gladden, you and I.
LDS Children's Songbook pg 244; Words: Anon, Music: Joseph Ballantyne


I found this beautiful display of pansies yesterday, in of all places, planted on one of those horrid traffic circles in Orem [4th W & 12th S]. They were so happy and beautiful I parked my car [probably illegally on permit parking only 4th W ] and braved my way through the traffic buzzing around this busy traffic circle, laid down on my belly in the damp grass and got up-close-and-personal with these happy little flowers.

I haven't seen a display of pansies like this all spring. Hope you enjoy this breath of spring!

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