Apr 14, 2009

104- Wishing for Blue Skies

Are you wishing for blue skies? Are you experiencing a true April where you live? (You know, super changeable.) At this point I wish I'd just taken a photo of the sky every day at the same time this month. I think it would be a very interesting study.

Yesterday was beautiful, sunny, lots of high standing lenticular clouds ** spread out across the sky and temperatures in the low sixties. Yeah, I can like that.

Today I woke up to grey skies and rain showers. And even though I know we need the rain - *this* day I would have appreciated some more blue sky. But I remind myself that all too soon I will have blue skies everyday with all of its accompanying work: lawns to mow and water, tomatoes to plant and harvest (now I CAN like that!), and all the other fun summer activities I love.

But for now... it was an inside day and I spent most of it fooling around on the computer creating my handwritten font... just think of all the things I could have written in the same amount of time! LOL

These are NOT lenticular clouds but cumulous

** Years ago when we still lived in Palmdale I saw a standing lenticular cloud that was ginormous... it covered the whole width of the sky west to east! I've never seen one that big before or since!


Skinner Family said...

We are sure wishing for blue skies here! Right now we re actually getting snow :( I let my kids play for hours outside yesterday because I knew what was to come.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

We had a similar day here. No rain was forecast but it came in the late afternoon anyway (with lots of wind). Now the sun is back out just in time for sunset. Weather is so weird.


Jessica said...

I'm feeling quite grumpy about it all, but next week is supposed to be glorious! I am so excited I can barely stand it. Bring it on!

Mom and Dad said...

Guess I am silly, but I love the rain. Seems like nice rain storms in Utah are not a common occurance, and I enjoy the moisture-giving qualities.
However, let's not talk about that wind that brings the storms in . .
But this IS spring in Utah. Huh?