Apr 18, 2009

107- Nest, Sweet Nest

This morning I needed to walk down to a neighbor's house so she could photocopy (legally, I might add) some choir music for me. I noticed that up in her tree was this precious little bird's nest. I've been amazed this winter at all the bird nests I am finding in the naked trees.

I came back home and got my camera and went back to get some photos. As I was stopped there on their driveway clicking away Breanne came out and told me that last year there were little baby birds in that nest. I would just love to have little birdies build a nest at my house (somewhere other than the dryer vent like happened in Palmdale... never a good birdie-plan!)


I was amazed at all the different material these resourceful little birds used: leaves, twigs, looks like raffia, but maybe it's grass and pieces of plastic grocery bags. Sweet little recycling birds.


Breanne said...

All of your shots are so precious. Would you be interested in doing some new born shots for me the first of Sept? I would love it! And that very well could be raffia with all the crafting I was doing last spring. Thank you for capture the beauty. I will let you know if the birdies return this year!

Jessica said...

We just found a nest on our porch light. It wouldn't make a very pretty picture, though. We were plenty excited about it, anyway. Don't you love all those lovely little buds on the trees? They give me hope...