Apr 17, 2009

107- Shoe Tree

I'm sure there are some people that might find this an eye-sore... but the whole concept of a *SHOE TREE* just catches my imagination.

107- pc shoe tree
FONTS- Problem Secretary, CK Cursive, BRUSH- KPertiet_LedgerFrames, (AD2)_Lomo

Today Gordon and I went on a one-day-road-trip up to Park City, UT (can you say cold?) and right there by one of the very nice hotels was this shoe tree! Gordon is so very accommodating and drove around until I could finally get out, tromp (with permission) through a hotel lobby and get some shots of this tree.

107-pc ski boots

The first time I ever remember seeing a shoe tree like this was on one of our yearly girl'-getaway trips to Big Bear City, CA. It always makes me laugh when I see one.

107- bb shoe tree

Finally in 2004 when just Auntie P and I were coming back together I stopped and got some wonderful photos of this shoe tree.

107-bb flippers

I was so glad that I did, because when we went the next fall all of the shoes had been removed from the tree (spoiled-sport!)

I've only seen one other shoe tree since then. It is on Hwy 89 between Springville and Fairview, UT. I didn't stop because I was in a hurry to be to a wedding (so I could wait for the hour I was early...) and on the way home there was a blizzard and I didn't even see the silly shoe tree.

Have you ever seen any shoe trees? If so, I'd like to know where... I think I'm on a quest (hey, that's a good idea for our next one-day-road-trip.


Dean and Sheri said...

Oh Joanie...I have to tell you about this very eccentric woman in our ward, Peggy Flamm, who is about 85 years old. I LOVE HER. I was blessed to be her visiting teacher for about 2 years and of course I was taught more by her than her by me. Anyway, she and her husband Lowell were quite the socialites back in the day. She was, and still is, crazy for shoes! She has shoes that she owned since before she and Lowell were married! They just celebrated their 65th. So the first time I went to their home I thought she was just plain old crazy because there were shoes EVERYWHERE. They are hooked onto the fireplace screen by the heels and on lampshades. They decorate her ficus tree. They are on the hearth, mantel, end tables, anywhere you could imagine. She told me that she loves her shoes and is sad that she just can't wear them anymore (most of them are very fancy with high heels). But, she decided that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy them! So she decorates with them. They bring her sweet memories of dancing to "Big Band" music with Lowell when they were young or going to parties or working as an educator and even some of their world travels many years ago. Well, I just wanted to tell you that. Peggy and her shoe fetish is the first thing I thought of when I saw your photo for today. No, I haven't ever seen a shoe tree, but I have seen a "shoe house". Love the photos...Thanks

Mom and Dad said...

Yes, honey, I have seen a shoe tree --- in Daddy's Sunday shoes. [My, how he used to take care of his things!] And that's what I think a Shoe Tree is!
These are totally nuts. Glad it helps people find joy in life to do funny stuff like this!
Love you, Annie

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That is a good waste of shoes...but it makes for any interesting sightseeing expedition!

Dodge Family said...

I know where another shoe tree is!! Come and visit and I will show you! Its on 395 between Reno and Susanville!