Apr 23, 2009

113- Amazing

If you care to take the time... go back one week from today and see the 10" of snow on my yard! By Sunday we had highs in the 60s and by Tuesday it was in the high 70s.

It amazes me how much difference one week of warm temperatures can make! On Monday none of these flowers were in bloom, just tight compact heads.

Today is a different story. My island is a riot of yellow with the daffodils saying their farewell and now the tulips [mostly yellow shades] are all in bloom. I love the way the sun plays on their translucent petals.

113- yellow tulips

I've also been patiently waiting for my apple tree to bloom. I just love the look of apple blossoms and I love the apples in the fall even more.

113- apple blossoms

And there is always my very favorite spring flower- lilacs. I love the smell, I love the memories...

113- lilac


BoucherBlogger said...

You are a very talented photographer!! I wish I had your skills.

Lillie said...

What a lovely set of images! I love the sun shining through the tulips in the first picture.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Oh wow! Such a profusion of color compared to last week. It boggles my mind. I can almost smell the lilacs through the computer screen.


Dean and Sheri said...

Joanie...YOU are amazing. I watch the early news when I'm on the dreadmill in the morning. They show photos that people have sent to them of various outdoor scenes. You could be a regular! And those gorgeous yellow tulips...looks like dessert to me!

Mrs. Erika Honey Graham said...

Joan Lewis, I absolutely love reading your blogs. Your pictures are just soooo Amazing. You definetly bring a ray of sunshine in my day when I get a email that says you have written or taken photos of another blog. I dont know if you ever go to mine. It is definelty not as interesting as yours, but I do have photos of people you may recognize. Take Care. Your old Palmdale 2nd ward youth...haha Erika Mortimer-Graham

Mom and Dad said...

Yes, Joanie, the flowers are gorgeous!! I love the way you capture them.
I love my tulips and grape hyacinths. Perhaps I will even get lilacs this year, although the only one I planted that survived is white. I will love it. I hope it has perfume!
Thanks for bringing Spring to spring!
Love ya, Annie