Apr 25, 2009

115- Moving Day

It is the end of fall/winter contract for Camille and that means time to move! In the spring/summer housing contracts are very inexpensive, which means a bigger room for less money. This will be the last move for Camille within the Branbury complex. She started out in 213, then 211, then 212 and now... 114! She has been in every stair well of this building!

115- under the bed

I'm not sure what we did differently this time but the moving went very fast and without as much work as before... I'm just grateful.

115- camille

The good/bad news is that it rained most of the day. Gordon told me that it snowed here in Springville for a couple of hours. I knew I had my tomato plants ;). I caught these cool reflections as we were making a WalMart run to pick up the I've-just-moved-need-some-stuff!

115- rain on road


Rosehaven Cottage said...

So glad it went faster and smoothly. Hope everyone didn't get too wet moving things.

Hugs to you and Camille!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Okay! I totally need some of those bed feet thingies! I went from a nice sized room and closet to an average room and closet...
:( And I have looked everywhere for those feeties. Where did Miss Camille get them???

Mom and Dad said...

Beautiful pics of your darling, long-legged daughter. You are all going to enjoy these photos over the years!!
Great job on moving AND your picture-taking!